Mum warned child will face a “lifetime of bullying” over “totally unsuitable” name

Mum warned child will face a “lifetime of bullying” over “totally unsuitable” name

A mum-to-be has been warned against giving her son the name of her favourite character in the TV show ‘Supernatural.’

The popular show follows demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester hunting monsters.

There are plenty of characters that the mum-to-be could have taken inspiration from, including the two aforementioned heroes.

But her choice will really leave you scratching your head.

She would like to name her son Lucifer , the devil, played by actor Mark Pellegrino.

Unsurprisingly, her family are less than impressed, with her 22-year-old sister taking to Reddit and asking for advice.

She wrote: “My 25-year-old sister is eight months pregnant with a baby boy.

“The whole family is super excited for her and we can’t wait to meet her son.

“Her boyfriend freaked out and left when she told him, so she’s on her own and has come to our other siblings for baby name suggestions and stuff.

“It’s turned into a big event between us since she’s the first sibling to have a kid and we’ve all given her an ungodly large amount of name suggestions, so she decided to do a video call with us to announce it.

“She picked Lucifer.

“The whole call was silent for like a full minute and then one of my brothers asked her if that was a joke and she got mad and left the call.

“I texted her after and apologized for how we all took it but said maybe she should consider how a name like that would affect her son’s life.

“She got very very angry and said she thought I would understand because we both are huge fans of the show Supernatural.

“I agreed that I loved the show and loved that she wanted to name her son after one of the characters, but I didn’t know about naming him Lucifer.”

Following the awkward call, the pair haven’t spoken and now the woman is looking for advice on whether she overstepped the line.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people agreed with her that it was a terrible name choice.

“Wanting to protect your nephew from a lifetime of bullying is a good [aunt] move. Sorry, your sister wants to name her kid after the devil,” wrote one.

Another added: “No kid deserves to be saddled with all that commentary from schoolmates.

“Not to mention potential danger, and I’m serious. If there’s an emergency and he calls 911, and they ask him for his name and he says Lucifer and is insistent on it there is a distinct chance it could be mistaken for a prank call.”

A third commented: “As a fellow fan of Supernatural… she couldn’t have chosen Dean? Sam? Hell, Castiel would’ve been a better choice.

“Yes, it’s her choice, but her choice is going to cause years of bullying, religious confusion, and basically make it hell for your nephew. Plus naming your kid after a show isn’t going go down well.”